Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Old man and the See – Book by Ernest Hemingway.

I haven't read this book I listened to it , this was audio book, of excellent quality. The narrator made different voices for the characters the feeling was as if you were attending real performance.
The book is a short but it doesn't feel like one. Hemingway dives into many details of the progressing adventure of the old man, which makes this
story feel rich full of many insights and motives - its is motivational and desperate funny and sad, but mostly it's about the power of will and persistence.
I think the book is really good, but If you rush and wish to know quickly what's going to happen then
you will probably get restless, never-the-less this is classics so even if you think you may become restless consider reading it... classics is expected to be much longer so
here you can't complain.

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