Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to restore Bookmarks in FireFox5

Interestingly it took me some time to figure out how to do this.

A little prologue here,

Previously I had Firefox 3, before I formatted my PC I just saved my whole folder of Firefox3 with everything in it (Laziness…) I was sure I would be able to restore my bookmarks somehow in future out of this stored folder.

After I had formatted my computer, and installed Firefox 5 I restore my bookmarks this way -

First: I located backed up bookmarks files in Firefox3 stored folder here they are:

Mozilla –> E:\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\h1ga50qq.default\bookmarkbackups.

There are several files with extension json, like “bookmarks-2011-06-16.json”.

Second: Now open Firefox 5, Go to:

Bookmarks –> Show all bookmarks –> Import and Back up –> Restore –> Choose file.

You will be prompted to choose some “.json” file, choose “bookmarks-2011-06-16.json” from location in Firefox 3.

And That’s it.

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